What is Sustained Heat Retention™ ?

Mozy is engineered to keep you warm while keeping you mobile and cozy. The patent-pending, engineered design of the wrap prevents convective heat loss and keeps internal body temperatures from dropping in the cold or windy weather more effectively than other products on the market. The outer shell material, in addition to the concealed elastics in the design that hug warm fleece close to your body eliminating cold air pockets, are key factors to prevent body heat loss.


What is Infinitely Adjustable Warmth™?

As weather conditions can often change at a moment’s notice, Mozy gives you the ability to quickly adjust your level of warmth while you wear it. You can choose to wear Mozy at your waist, you can seal it halfway down, or you can fasten it snuggly all the way over your shoes. Choose your level of warmth.


What does the interior of Mozy feel like?

Not only will Mozy keep you warm, but it will also keep you feeling comfy and cozy. The interior of the wrap is lined with Polartec fleece 200 series. The material is perfectly crafted to create a soft, plush feel.


How does Mozy stay closed?

Mozy features a snag-free hook & loop closure, or “Velcro,” border that is designed to keep cold air and weather elements out, while fast to put-on and take-off. This closure also allows for easy walk-outs when you need to chase that soccer ball or walk over to a friend. Mozy easily changes from a fully closed and warmest configuration to a walking configuration just by stepping forward. Mozy’s easy-to-use Velcro provides added mobility, walkability, and full upper body movement.


What is the Velcro panel?

We heard what you had to say about customization, and now your Mozy will automatically include a low-profile, snag-free Velcro loop material in the two lower pockets. Customizable patches with Velcro can be attached to the front of the wrap. We have custom design partners that can make patches up to 7”x13”. Personalize your Mozy with patches showing your favorite sports teams, monogram, Emojis, company logos, and more!


Is Mozy weather-resistant?

Made of water proofed treated heavy-duty 200 Denier Nylon, Mozy is water resistant and does not allow water to pass through easily — your wrap will keep you warm and dry. This material makes sitting outside in the rain, snow or sleet, at your child’s game much more tolerable. The fabric is very tightly woven, which makes Mozy the best sideline windproof companion. The gaps between the threads are too small for air to pass through at high speed.


Does Mozy have pockets?

Fit what you want, where you want it. Featuring three easy-to-reach pockets, Mozy can secure all your outdoor essentials: water bottles, cell phones, snacks, wipes, hats, gloves, glasses and more!


How do I clean Mozy?

It's machine washable. Don’t worry if your child spills Gatorade in your lap or your sideline spot is directly in the mud. Mozy can be machine washed in cold water on a gentle cycle and tumble dried on low.


Does Mozy fold up easily?

When it’s time to pack up your outdoor gear, don’t worry about finding a bag for Mozy. Your wrap actually packs into its own pocket for quick and easy storage. Mozy’s self-storage pocket also features a shoulder strap for easy carry.